Wanting it All, Always.

Roger Federer’s consistency, work ethic, and love for his profession are something to admire, especially when these qualities are difficult to generate for yourself.

In life, being elite is about trust.  You must trust yourself and ability.  Others must trust you to perform regularly so that they will always acknowledge you as elite.  In this quest to be an elite athlete, I do trust my ability, I do trust my body, but I don’t see myself as consistent in completing tasks and reaching goals.  Yes, my goals are higher-reaching than most out there, but I’ve got a vision of myself with an unmatched consistency and work ethic.  In short, I dream and have always dreamed of being a “Type-A” personality.

That’s because unfortunately I was raised a Type-C personality; a person who has always dreamed big, showed promise, but handled life incorrectly.  I was passive, ignorant, angry, pleasure-seeking, and lost.  Then I became a Type-B personality, where I had goals, dreams and a focus, I just didn’t understand why being ultra-serious about those things was a way to live.  Now, I want to be elite.  I agree that some are better than others simply because they want certain things more and will die to have them.  When you’ve never admired yourself, and always quietly admired these individuals, there seems to be only one thing to do: Figure out what you love and live for it.

The first step to this is frequency.  In 2012 I’ve been truly burned out, dehydrated, fatigued, or ill because of excessive exercise a few times, and every time I’ve come out of it wondering it I could ever be the sort of individual who does the extremely high volume of exercise I’ve always dreamed of.  I’ve never thought about quitting or slowing down.  Ten years ago I’d have done something else.  Five years ago I’d have blamed something else.  Today I understand fully that I get what I put into this.

Only those who operate under that mentality are trusted in this world.  They trust themselves and everyone trusts them.  The first step to being elite is building a rock-solid consistency that promotes trust from every direction.  Once you gain this resounding trust, goals become realistic and it is difficult to hold yourself back.


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