Quickly, think about everyone who has ever judged you.  Everyone who has ever called you fat, in public or private.  Think of everyone you’ve ever wanted to be with but you weren’t on their radar because of your body.  Or the person who left you, or the person you’re with who doesn’t appreciate you.  Think about people who judge other people in front of you, making you wonder what they say when you are not around.  Think about all of them at once.

Now think about where they are in life.  Do they meet their goals?  Are they successful?  Not with fitness but simply in their life.  The answer is probably not.  If you really felt they were successful, you’d steal their techniques (and they’d be selling their techniques!), and that’s what we will be discussing here:

  • No one may judge you.  I will never judge what you do, just how you approach it.  Fitness success is all in the approach.
  • We may not say that fitness comes naturally to some and not others. Humans learn and grow like humans, but today they eat like maniacs and don’t exercise.  Instead, we must learn to make fitness as natural as possible to us.  

These two concepts will be repeated many times through a number of methods on this site.  My hopes are to change the way we view fitness in today’s society by helping the people who follow this site to develop their own strong fitness philosophies.  If executed well, these philosophies will provide the framework for decades of lasting fitness in their lives.


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