Selling Success


Finding your fitness success is about understanding yourself. What makes you successful, at anything, starts with the things that come most natural to you. We all obtain success either by exploring our natural abilities,  or having the techniques we wanted to become natural drilled into our minds. With fitness, it is no different, and because most of the world comes to understand this split at an early age, individuals tend to classify themselves before the age of ten as people who either have the natural ability to be fit, or people who must try as hard as possible to get there and may never be satisfied.

But my personal thinking goes against what the world wants to think. We are not a society of “haves and have-nots” and more a society of equals, especially when it comes to how we treat our bodies. I believe that all bodies, in terms of excess body fat stored, could look the same.  I think that our caloric intake as a society compared to the level of overall exercise is way too high and could single-handedly destroy us.

Since fitness is personal, I believe that finding fitness success is a personal process.  I’m always puzzled as to why people treat fitness differently from the other personal things in their lives. After all, the way you approach (not the systems but the PHILOSOPHY) things like earning and saving money, family, marriage and raising children, is that you don’t want to talk to just anyone, and if you’re getting advice you go to the most trusted source available to you. That person usually tells you how to sustain that thing on your own, in some easy ways, because the thing you’re discussing is a “long haul” type of issue, one that lasts a lifetime.

Why is fitness different? Why do people trust any new source, instead of sources that lead them back to themselves, and independence? I am not condemning the fitness industry, because individuals who are licensed to do what they do in this industry generally abide by what they’ve learned, and try hard for the consumer. My question is, why is the base of consumers so large? They are incredibly easy to market to, and there is a great deal of money to be made in various venues. I see traps for fitness consumers all the time. Here are some things we all should remember:

  • Superficiality is the enemy. Nice clothes and cars don’t send your kids to college, it actually costs a lot more than it costs to buy clothes and cars, so you wouldn’t save for your kids’ future by buying worthless assets. In that same way, you can’t see “getting a six-pack” as success when pushing your body to its limits means you’ll end up with that lean rectus abdominus forever. Always focus on the bigger picture.


  • Be weary of people things you need to be dependent on. Those people and things know you need to depend on them, it is how they make their money. Seek INDEPENDENCE at all times.


  • In that same way, be weary of shortcuts. Making something sustainable for you is not making it easier, it is doing a tough thing in YOUR way so that it always happens.

These are just a few of those traps that are set – things that help fitness business owners and equipment manufacturers make money, but do not help consumers see their goals.  It is a two-fold problem. Fitness results can not be sold, only the promise of them, just as fitness results can not be purchased, only the promise of them.  Still, I doubt that someone trying to “sell” you fitness would make any money saying “we only provide you the resources to get fit.” They will probably promise you results, stimulating the consumer in you.  Really, when we pay money as consumers, we have expectations of the product. With fitness though we should be building expectations of ourselves, a process which deep down, costs no money.


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