Private Coaching

What I do is different from what is out there, you’ll need an open mind.


I work with children and adults to change their minds about what fitness is.  The first step to fitness success, however you define it, is changing the way you view it.  I help my clients and students understand that fitness is a basic process, like many others we embrace, that can not be overlooked.  Removing the element of superficiality from fitness is tough, but necessary.  Superficiality is limiting, and as a person who has lost a considerable amount of weight, I understand how aesthetics can weigh on a person.  Still, fitness is about function. Proper function (flexibility in joints and muscles, strength of all muscles and bodily structure, stamina and efficiency of the bodily systems) leads to minimum body weight, making weight loss a trivial goal in the larger scheme of ability.


I’m still exploring all of this myself, and like you, will never be done.  That is not a bad thing.  The notion that fitness has a finish line goes back to doing this merely for aesthetic purposes.  My main message to clients is that this has no finish line, and I explain that in so very simple ways.  As a person who enjoys freedom in their fitness practices, I’m no one to tell you what to do.  I simply guide clients and students toward what they might want to do and help them approach it properly.  I work with the clients’ budget, resources, and time, to help them to see fitness the way fit people see fitness.

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