Fitting a Year into a Day


Before you make your resolutions, think about why we make them.  Why do new years weigh down upon us so greatly?  What is different about us on January first?  We are a day older than we were on December thirty first, and will have stepped into a new year.  Our proverbial slate is clean.  If for one second in December we could vow to not repeat any of 2014’s mistakes in 2015, we make our resolutions not with the hopes of holding to them, people rarely do, but having acknowledged to ourselves that this particular area of your life you’ve chosen needs immediate, harsh attention and has become, regardless of your willingness to admit it, completely unacceptable.

My curiosity focuses on projecting your problem, through a resolution, onto others who are doing the same at this time.  They are all trying to fit a past year’s guilt and a future year’s hope into one day.  For a week we will be a network of supporters, hearing each other’s problems and stating our own. We outline our plans to change and the others in the conversation say “right, right, that sounds like a great strategy.”  They will probably ask you on Super Bowl Sunday how you’re doing with the goal.  You will either have a bunch of excuses or a good report.  Really though, with the uncertainty of human emotions, human schedules, and peer pressure, how valuable is a resolution actually?

Resolutions really to me indicate that the person deep down realizes that this area of their life has become completely unacceptable.  What bothers me is that people, instead of choosing a resolution, don’t simply take their resolution and set it as the new standard in their lives, especially if the opposite has become unacceptable.  Building a great fitness year goes this way. The successful things in your life are all built around your personal standards.

Instead of making resolutions, figure out how that thing you resolve to do can become an easy and smooth part of your life.  If you have to work up to it, then do that, but after you’ve set that standard, set a new one.  If you can turn the will and resolve to do something into the guilt and internal shame of not doing it daily, then you are now dedicated to that thing, that thing is positive and yours.  Things that you feel are unacceptable should bring you shame.  That is a natural emotion that motivates us to do anything from brushing our teeth and showering to dragging our bodies into work every day.  The shame of not doing it, the internal shame, the unwillingness to go against our basic principles is what drives us.  To make that positive change you’re looking for, your thing must be treated this way.  If your resolution is to do anything that might make you more fit, then you need to find out how fitness can become a sustainable part of your life, that you’ve built basic principles around, and that leaves you feeling successful daily.  That’s not just in 2015, but forever.  Resolve, resolutions, and the ability to make them is a daily process, not a yearly one.  If fitness is important to you, then you’re coming up with mini-resolutions every day, not just when the support system is around at the end of the year.



Quickly, think about everyone who has ever judged you.  Everyone who has ever called you fat, in public or private.  Think of everyone you’ve ever wanted to be with but you weren’t on their radar because of your body.  Or the person who left you, or the person you’re with who doesn’t appreciate you.  Think about people who judge other people in front of you, making you wonder what they say when you are not around.  Think about all of them at once.

Now think about where they are in life.  Do they meet their goals?  Are they successful?  Not with fitness but simply in their life.  The answer is probably not.  If you really felt they were successful, you’d steal their techniques (and they’d be selling their techniques!), and that’s what we will be discussing here:

  • No one may judge you.  I will never judge what you do, just how you approach it.  Fitness success is all in the approach.
  • We may not say that fitness comes naturally to some and not others. Humans learn and grow like humans, but today they eat like maniacs and don’t exercise.  Instead, we must learn to make fitness as natural as possible to us.  

These two concepts will be repeated many times through a number of methods on this site.  My hopes are to change the way we view fitness in today’s society by helping the people who follow this site to develop their own strong fitness philosophies.  If executed well, these philosophies will provide the framework for decades of lasting fitness in their lives.

Wanting it All, Always.

Roger Federer’s consistency, work ethic, and love for his profession are something to admire, especially when these qualities are difficult to generate for yourself.

In life, being elite is about trust.  You must trust yourself and ability.  Others must trust you to perform regularly so that they will always acknowledge you as elite.  In this quest to be an elite athlete, I do trust my ability, I do trust my body, but I don’t see myself as consistent in completing tasks and reaching goals.  Yes, my goals are higher-reaching than most out there, but I’ve got a vision of myself with an unmatched consistency and work ethic.  In short, I dream and have always dreamed of being a “Type-A” personality.

That’s because unfortunately I was raised a Type-C personality; a person who has always dreamed big, showed promise, but handled life incorrectly.  I was passive, ignorant, angry, pleasure-seeking, and lost.  Then I became a Type-B personality, where I had goals, dreams and a focus, I just didn’t understand why being ultra-serious about those things was a way to live.  Now, I want to be elite.  I agree that some are better than others simply because they want certain things more and will die to have them.  When you’ve never admired yourself, and always quietly admired these individuals, there seems to be only one thing to do: Figure out what you love and live for it.

The first step to this is frequency.  In 2012 I’ve been truly burned out, dehydrated, fatigued, or ill because of excessive exercise a few times, and every time I’ve come out of it wondering it I could ever be the sort of individual who does the extremely high volume of exercise I’ve always dreamed of.  I’ve never thought about quitting or slowing down.  Ten years ago I’d have done something else.  Five years ago I’d have blamed something else.  Today I understand fully that I get what I put into this.

Only those who operate under that mentality are trusted in this world.  They trust themselves and everyone trusts them.  The first step to being elite is building a rock-solid consistency that promotes trust from every direction.  Once you gain this resounding trust, goals become realistic and it is difficult to hold yourself back.

Choosing to be More of a Human and Less of a Person

People are killing the human race. In fact, do some research on global warming, endangered animals, dying art forms, anything that could be saved with care from more people are all the victims of their negligence. This is because people live in the world, and this world is quite different from the earth we all inherit when we are born. People’s disregard for the earth and full regard for the world is why it is easy for all of us to imagine this population being the last.

Our world is full of people who deal with inhuman conditions all the time.

Humans though, aren’t afraid of extinction. One can’t fear something that they’ve watched their brothers and sisters perpetuate throughout history. People’s fear of death is the same as that of the cockroach: “please don’t kill me, I’m just looking to eat and procreate. My existence is too insignificant to really bother you.” But their existence in strong numbers makes them repulsive to the civilized human. This is because billions existing for the cause of survival makes the cause wholly trivial. This does not mean that the practice of survival is unimportant, it simply means that it is no reason to exist. It is a means of existence. We must do things like eat, find shelter, or excrete waste to survive on earth as humans. The practice of working in the world to afford food and a place to live is not survival. A person who places the emphasis on survival without realizing that their world does not call upon direct survival skills will live a life that is fully dependent on society.

How people raise children.

Life as a person starts early, and far earlier than people want to admit. A person will argue maliciously with anyone who disagrees with their parenting methods or even denies the complete innocence of an infant. Children are reflections of the people who raise them, and without knowing, people raise their children to be people-to build a life of materialism and dependence, to seek out pleasure and comfort and connect these things with basic human needs like food, sex, and shelter, to find value in possessions instead of simply seeing the beauty of things. Children are taught to desire things that it is unnatural for the human body to consume like refined sugars and fats. They are helpless slaves to materialism. They know the brand of sneakers they wear before they can play a sport, which is understandable when they have a mother who demanded in her baby shower registry that she receive a specific brand of stroller. Children in today’s society have little passion for the outdoors. Their sugar-induced ‘tummy aches’ are seen to be preparing the body for more awful foods to come later in life. People think that denying them what will kill them is depriving them.

Our society’s most successful are those who can get people with less wealth to care about their lives more than their own. This does NOT mean they are talented at anything.

It builds an adult who doesn’t know what it means to be human, to crave oxygen and exercise, to respect nature as something that exists for our survival, to feel the pleasure in knowing that a healthy meal will keep you strong and alive. Humans have a connection with the earth that people simply don’t have in their world. In fact, most people have little knowledge of how their world works and any understanding might bring on severe depression. Informing a person that their favorite “reality” television show has writers, that high fructose corn syrup kills or that jump-starting your metabolism with coffee twice a day is a bad thing will get you mean looks, a possible nasty and ignorant argument, or if the person trusts you (people trust doctors with television shows, so yeah..) they may go into a hopeless rant about how “everything can kill you.”

Things are now made to be popular, based on the notion that people (especially young ones) are stupid and will demean art forms for the sake of living in the moment.

I don’t want to be a person. It makes me cringe every time I hear a person say that “real women have curves” or that healthy food isn’t food for “real men.” In my estimation, those who do things without a notion of integrity, eat artificial things, and do artificial things to hide personal flaws that they’ve created, are the realest people out there. To be fake, artificial, to lack integrity in what you do, especially for yourself, yes these things make you fat, unhealthy, lazy, and ignorant. They also though make you a target consumer for any corporation looking to capitalize on stupidity, which is most.

Most humans are trapped amongst people. Every day having their healthy, vibrant spirits broken every day by the stupidity of society.

While people feel that obesity needs a cure, humans agree that if obesity is a disease, it is one brought on by hundreds of thousands of personal transgressions. If life as a person means that one is conditioned from birth to make these transgressions, then life as a human in our time means fully erasing them from our practices.