Burn Your Scale

Scales on Fire is a phrase that should incite a movement of liberation.  You are not bound to a number on the scale.  It is simply a number.  As a matter of fact, don’t bind yourself to any number that isn’t directly related to your fitness accomplishments.  Did you do more than yesterday?  Then you have already taken that step to making that number on the scale irrelevant.  Burn it, throw it away, smash it with a sledgehammer.  It isn’t only irrelevant, but building your approach to fitness around the number on the scale is starting a process that has no finish line and placing one ten feet into the race, then only working to make it that ten feet, maybe getting there, maybe not, or maybe going backward to the start over and over again.  You should exercise far past these limits we set, and the result of this (not the goal, never the goal, never ever) is eventually minimum body weight, or a weight where we personally can neither gain nor lose any more weight because all of our practices have built an equilibrium, a lean, skinny equilibrium.  There won’t even be a need to look at yourself superficially because you won’t be concerned with your appearance-it isn’t changing.  Stop weighing yourself and start approaching fitness like you would the other successful things in your life.


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